We seek to understand more about domestic & family violence & sexual assault, & determine the effectiveness of strategies to make our communities safer for all. 

Evaluation of Men’s Behaviour Change Program

This project involved a co-design evaluation framework to examine the effectiveness of men’s behaviour change programs (MBCPs) addressing domestic and family violence (DFV). Completed over two phases, the project developed an evaluation framework, using a co-design approach and worked in close collaboration with a range of staff at UCQ. Phase Two involved the implementation of the framework to evaluate how the different programs covered by UCQ’s suite of MBCPs work in engaging and retaining participants as well as generating short- and longer term behaviour change around DFV.

TIMEFRAME: June 2018 – June 2019

SPONSOR: Uniting Care Queensland

Review of the Rockhampton Integrated Service Response

In 2018- 2019, QCDFVR undertook a review of the effectiveness of the integrated service response being established and maintained in Rockhampton. The final report outlined several recommendations for implementation. QCDFVR is undertaking a short review to identify the progress made in response to the recommendations in the June 2019 Final Report.

    TIMEFRAME: July 2019 – February 2020

    SPONSOR: Child Safety, Youth and Women

    Women’s Health and Wellbeing Support Services

    QCDFVR is undertaking an evaluation of this new initiative building on the review and theory of change workshop undertaken in 2018/19, and a scoping study.  This study relates to newly established Women’s Health and Wellbeing Support Services across Queensland to explore progress, responses relating to recovery and learnings from the different locations. 

    TIMEFRAME: June 2019 – May 2020

    SPONSOR: Child Safety, Youth and Women

    Response to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People Experiencing or using Domestic and Family Violence in Townsville

    In 2018/19 a new model was codesigned by the Townsville community to influence practice of existing services to make them more establish an innovative model to support the service system respond to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People experiencing or using Domestic and Family Violence. QCDFVR will work with the established service, community and cultural advisors in an evaluation to explore progress and findings related to the new model including its influence on service delivery practice.

      TIMEFRAME: July 2019 – June 2020

      SPONSOR: Child Safety, Youth and Women

      Responses to Female Perpetrators of Domestic and Family Violence

      QCDFVR is exploring contemporary practice and evidence in responding to women who have been identified as perpetrators of domestic and family violence, including those that following further assessment are identified as the person most in need of protection.

        TIMEFRAME: July 2019 – January 2020

        SPONSOR: Child Safety, Youth and Women

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