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Are you interested in joining QCDFVR either as a full, associate or affiliate member or would you like to apply to join our research team? Please follow the links below for further information on these opportunities.


Become a QCDFVR Member

QCDFVR’s capabilities are in gendered violence, evidence reviews and translation/advocacy. It offers opportunities in research capacity strengthening and education to build the next generation of researchers. 

Full membership is offered to CQUni staff members or adjunct researchers who conduct research relating to gendered violence; and contribute to QCDFVR research grants and publications. Full members have the right to, and are encouraged to claim QCDFVR as an affiliation on their publications and grants; and participate in QCDFVR collaborative opportunities and activities. 

Associate membership is offered to non-CQUni staff and non-adjunct researchers who conduct gendered violence research; and CQU staff members or students interested in gendered violence

Affiliate membership is offered to non-CQUni staff who make a significant contribution to the activity of QCDFVR. Their contribution could be recognised by QCDFVR in the form of an adjunct appointment.

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Benefits of being part of a Research Centre include:

  • the promotion of internal and external research partnerships;
  • enhanced capacity and success in attracting external research funding, collaborations and communication of research outcomes;
  • access to focused, coordinated research approaches;
  • a platform for integration and cooperation of researchers across schools, divisions and disciplines;
  • a critical mass of advanced researchers to provide guidance and leadership to newer researchers;
  • access to targeted research and admin support; and
  • access to targeted research pump-priming funds and scholarships.

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