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Queensland Domestic and Family Violence Common Risk and Safety Framework online training modules

The Framework has been developed as part of the Queensland Government’s commitment to a Queensland free from domestic and family violence where people feel safe in their own homes and where children can grow and develop in safe, secure environments.

Acknowledgement of country

We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the many lands on which we live, work and learn. We pay our respects to the First Nations Peoples and their Elders, past present and future.

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About the modules

The content of these modules has been developed for use by government and non-government community services agencies, as well as community members, businesses, and others who may come into contact with people experiencing domestic and family violence.

Each module is approximately 90 minutes long and are self-paced so you can stop and start again when you please. These modules are free of charge for all people in Queensland.

It is not a requirement to complete every module as some modules may not be relevant to your work or community role. Each module will provide an overview of the intended user to help you determine whether these may be relevant to you.

The final learning checkpoint for each module is a five-question quiz which you will need to successfully complete to receive a Certificate of Completion.

The following parameters apply to the quizzes:

Time allowed: Unlimited

Attempts: Unlimited

Pass mark: 100%

The modules may include information or scenarios that may be distressing to you, and you may need to discontinue working through the training modules if you feel distressed. Please seek support if this does occur. You may like to contact 1800RESPECT who can provide both professional and personal support.

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Available Modules

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Level 1 screening tools

Queensland Domestic and Family Violence Common Risk and Safety Framework

The Level 1 tools are screening tools designed to be used by any professional, business or community members who may come into contact with someone who may have experienced or be experiencing domestic and family violence