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International sexual assault and domestic violence expert visits CQUniversity [free presentation]

Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence invites you to join us for a free presentation by Fulbright Specialist, Mark Wynn.

Experienced SWAT Team Lieutenant [Domestic Violence Division], Mark Wynn will visit CQUniversity Brisbane Campus in October.  CQUniversity’s Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research (QCDFVR) is bringing Mark to Australia through a partnership with Queensland University of Technology’s School of Law.

The partnership will see Mark undertake a number of presentations and training opportunities for those with an interest in the prevention of violence against women, including police, domestic and family violence workers, sexual assault workers, academics and researchers.

Mark will do a free presentation titled ‘Sexual Assault – Myths and Misconceptions’ at CQUniversity’s Brisbane Campus on Wednesday 3rd October.  The presentation will also be lived streamed so that those outside of Brisbane can still access and benefit from Mark’s expertise.  QCDFVR Director, Dr Heather Lovatt, says

“Gendered Violence is a significant public health problem and it is impacting Queenslanders at an alarming rate.  Having Mark Wynn visit us in Australia is such a brilliant opportunity to extend our knowledge about effective responses to and support for victims of sexual violence”.

The presentation will explore:

  • The myths and misconceptions about sexual assault, including “victim blaming” and false reporting
  • How myths and misconceptions impact our beliefs, respond, investigations, pursuit of justice
  • How to overcome these barriers
  • Men’s role in prevention
  • Encouraging reporting of these crimes to helps support victims and ensure justice

Mark has lectured at universities and police academies throughout the world.  He draws upon his extensive experience in law enforcement and his knowledge of family violence; stalking; domestic violence and sexual violence.   He has also worked a consultant and an advisor to government departments, providing strategies to prevent domestic violence and support in the development of policy and training curriculum for law enforcement.

Register now to attend the presentation [in Brisbane or via live stream]

September 24th, 2018|

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