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We know that there are many different individuals and organisations responding to domestic and family violence and sexual assault. This means that there is a variety of needs for resources across the domestic and family violence and sexual assault sectors. Some organisations need access to factsheets for their staff to share with those experiencing domestic and family violence. Queensland-based services can order printed resources here. Others require the opportunity for their staff to learn more about domestic and family violence through reviewing our presentation recordings. We also have reports and publications which are valuable resources for those wishing to explore specific facets of domestic and family violence and related fields.

Fact Sheets

If you live and work in Queensland you can access QCDFVR factsheets in hard copy form, or you can download them.  We have factsheets which provide information for victims and their families, as well as information for fathers.


Digital Media

If you missed a QCDFVR event or would like to review a presentation or webinar, you can access recordings of past events.  We’re building a gallery of QCDFVR images for you to view too.

Other Media


Our publications include the QCDFVR Re@der which has been produced since the establishment of QCDFVR.  Over the years a number of research reports have also been produced by QCDFVR.

QCDFVR Reports
Insights from Literature
Other Reports