Thinking of study in 2019?

Term 1 commences on the 11th March, 2019… and yes, we know… that sounds like ages away but… it’s easy to get consumed in planning for Christmas, getting ready for school holidays, or perhaps you just feel too tired after work? Before you know it, the summer’s nearly over and February is on the horizon- [...]

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Let’s Not Forget

November is a time when we remember those who are no longer with us… whether it be through recognition of the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” or the Christian calendar, which calls November the “Month of Remembrance”.  Many readers too will have encountered the Mexican tradition of “Day of the [...]

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Domestic Violence Trainers Hit the Road

The past weeks have been all-consuming for the trainers and those who assist them at QCDFVR.  By the end of November, the Common Risk and Safety Framework (CRASF) Training will have been delivered in Brisbane, Logan, Moreton, Mackay, Cairns, and Mount Isa, with Ipswich and Cherbourg to follow in December.  As well, stakeholders in six [...]

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Speak Up and Speak Out

This week, we reached out to stalwart domestic violence advocate and CEO of the Red Rose Foundation, Betty Taylor.  Betty was typically generous with her time and in sharing the rich knowledge she has developed after almost 30 years working across the domestic violence sector.  Betty spoke about what it means to be an activist, [...]

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Violence and Incarceration – Factors for men, North Queensland.

After countless hours, Bronwyn Honorato - Research Worker at Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research last month submitted her PhD for review.  Bronwyn’s thesis, titled ‘Risk and Protective Factors for Violence Behaviour and Incarceration for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Men in North Queensland’ is a particularly poignant work.   Abstract Risk and Protective Factors [...]

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The Relationship between Gambling and Domestic Violence Against Women

Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research is working in partnership with CQUniversity and the Australian Institute of Family Studies to conduct a national study examining the relationship between gambling and domestic violence (DV) against women.  This includes physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse.   Time frame:                01/06/2018 – 30/06/2019   Funding:                      Australia’s [...]

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The Role of Fatherhood Identity in Perpetrator Interventions

Dr Silke Meyer is a Senior Lecturer with the Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research.  Dr Meyer has recently undertaken research on men’s compliance with Domestic Violence Orders and the role of fatherhood identity in perpetrator interventions, drawing upon her background in criminology and social work. Dr Meyer is passionate about victims’ and [...]

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International sexual assault and domestic violence expert visits CQUniversity [free presentation]

Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence invites you to join us for a free presentation by Fulbright Specialist, Mark Wynn. Experienced SWAT Team Lieutenant [Domestic Violence Division], Mark Wynn will visit CQUniversity Brisbane Campus in October.  CQUniversity’s Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research (QCDFVR) is bringing Mark to Australia through a partnership [...]

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Our very own Women’s Activist, Terese Kingston

Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research Officer, Terese Kingston, has been named the Services Union recipient of the Emma Miller Award for 2018, at a ceremony in Brisbane last Friday. The Awards, coordinated by the Queensland Council of Unions, are named after pioneering Trade Union Organiser and Suffragist, Emma Miller.  They recognise the [...]

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Gender Equity: Professional Development for Catholic Education staff

Teachers play a central role in the early stages of all of our lives.  Importantly, they are well-positioned to shape positive gender-related attitudes and behaviours.  More than 180 staff from Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton [DoR] participated in professional development with Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence [QCDFVR] this month.  QCDFVR staff discussed contemporary challenges [...]

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