Male Violence: A practitioner’s perspective | Part 1

PRESENTED BY: Dr Ron Frey and Dr Brian Sullivan

In this three-part series, Dr Ron Frey and Dr Brian Sullivan explore a practitioner’s perspective on men’s use of violence.

This episode highlights

  • Men’s programs – one part of the solution to violence against women and children
  • The multi layers of accountability
  • Addressing perpetrator trauma and excuses

Research to practice: responding to sexual assault | A Queensland case study

PRESENTED BY: Dr Heather Lovatt

In this presentation, Director of QCDFVR, Dr Heather Lovatt discusses best practice in responding to sexual assault and the value of an integrated service response model.  She outlines findings from a recent research project that she and fellow researchers at QCDFVR have undertaken on a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) model in regional QLD and teases out how those findings correlate with the broader evidence base.

Lessons I’ve learnt with Pauline Woodbridge | International Women’s Day 2020 | Part 2

PRESENTED BY: Pauline Woodbridge

Pauline is a feminist activist who has dedicated much of her life to the Domestic and Family Violence field. With over 30 years’ experience working with survivors and perpetrators of domestic violence, her practice wisdom is a very valuable commodity! In light of International Women’s Day 2020, Pauline shares some of this wisdom in this two-part vodcast.