It has long been recognised that many men require follow-up support after attending a Men’s Behaviour Change Program (MBCP) to continue their process of behaviour change. UnitingCare utilised QCDFVR findings from the evaluation of Men Choosing Change to internally fund a maintenance program, Men Sustaining Change, piloted from July 2021 to June 2023. Men Sustaining Change provides a co-gendered facilitated peer support group for men who completed Men Choosing Change (16 week MBCP) who wish to continue their behaviour change journey.  A DFV Advocate service provides continuity of support for partners/ex-partners and children of men accepted into the pilot.

QCDFVR conducted a developmental evaluation working closely with UnitingCare to regularly provide findings to inform design and practice, and to identify outcomes for participants and their partners/ex-partners and children. The evaluation was conducted by Dr Sue Carswell.

The evaluation findings showed the Men Sustaining Change pilot operated as intended with men reporting the benefits of the program for supporting them to continue changing their behaviours and reduce the risks of future DFV.

While all women interviewed thought it was beneficial to have a follow-up program for men, their feedback about the extent of men’s change was mixed and reflective of men’s  motivation and engagement with the pilot. Women who engaged with the DFV Advocate found this service very helpful for providing them and their children with access to longer term practical, emotional and safety supports.

Key elements of program design and delivery that enabled positive outcomes for men, women and children were identified and have application for expanding this program to other locations.  Men Sustaining Change  is now a funded program and is now being delivered at two UnitingCare sites.

TIMEFRAME: September 2021 – August 2023

SPONSOR: UnitingCare