September 2018

The Bystander Effect and Domestic Violence

By Dr Heather Lovatt

Director of the Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research (QCDFVR), Dr Heather Lovatt, recently presented at CQuniversity’s community forum on the ‘Bystander Effect’. Dr Lovatt referenced a number of factors that influence the ‘Bystander Effect’, such as group cohesiveness, diffusion of responsibility and ambiguity. Prevailing myths such as “domestic violence is a private family matter” can also contribute, Dr Lovatt said.


October 2018

Breaking a Taboo – Let us talk about People with Disabilities’ Sexuality and the Increased Risk of and for Sexual Violence

By Dr Marika Guggisberg

CQUniversity Lecturer, Dr Marika Guggisberg recently presented at the Professional Association of Nurses in Developmental Disability Australia Inc. (PANDDA) Conference in Sydney.  Dr Guggisberg discussed the discrimination of; sexual rights of; and higher risk of sexual violence for women with a disability.