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Every day, all around Queensland and beyond, individuals and families are affected by violence inflicted by someone close to them. Women and children, in particular, suffer the consequences of domestic, family and sexual violence. Yet, ultimately this violence impacts on all of us, in communities, workplaces and other settings. If we can better understand this violence through research, and better respond to this violence through education, QCDFVR hopes to contribute to a safer society for all.

Queensland Police Service: Training Review

A comprehensive review of the domestic and family violence (DFV) training provided by the Queensland Police Service (QPS) to its staff was completed in May 2017. The review included an audit of QPS’ current DFV training materials, a survey of recruits and general officers, as well as individual interviews with specialist police officers, to identify the effectiveness of, and opportunities for enhancing, their current DFV training.  The recommendations provided will ultimately enhance the further development of the QPS in their critical role as first responders to DFV in the community, and addresses Recommendation 138 of the Premier’s Special Taskforce on Domestic and Family Violence in Queensland’s Not Now, Not Ever report.

Talking Families: Evaluation

Queensland Family and Child Commission’s Talking Families is a community education campaign to support kids, families and communities to find the right information at the right time to help reduce the pressures on families. Talking Families also aims to demystify the child and family support sector.

Information Needs: Victims, Perpetrators, Others

This research commissioned by Deloitte Digital comprised field work conducting semi-structured interviews with victims (10), perpetrators (10), service providers (10) and friends/family of victims (10).   Thematic findings were analysed with an Insights report provided to Deloitte Digital in relation to adequacy, accessibility and suitability of existing information resources, identifying gaps and opportunities.

Literature Review: Australian Nurse-Family Partnership Program (ANFPP)

The findings of this review, commissioned by the ANFPP have relevance both for the adaptation of the American Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) intimate partner violence (IPV) curriculum to the Australian context, but also for the development of the IPV program to be instituted with mothers by the ANFPP nurses and Aboriginal Community Workers.

Integrated Service Response Trial Site Evaluation

From July 2016, an 18 month evaluation of the three Integrated Service Response Trial sites in Queensland is being undertaken, with the first Developmental Report being delivered regarding the first stage (6 months) of the trial evaluating the co-design aspects undertaken at each site.

Program Review: Walking with Dads

Walking with Fathers is a domestic-violence informed approach to child protection work, implemented in Gympie and Mount Isa after a successful trial at Caboolture. This review is funded by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

Evaluation of the Child Protection and Berry Street Joint Initiative

The joint initiative between the Berry Street Family Violence Team and the Department of Human Services Central Highlands Area Child Protection (Victoria) was initiated in 2015 in recognition that a more joined up service response across family violence and child protection was necessary to support women and children affected by family violence. Innovations developed by these partners include joint assessments and plans, inclusion of a family violence men’s worker, and engagement with the Prosecutions Office to enable better flow of information to the Magistrates Court to inform family violence related orders. The program is being evaluated and a literature review completed on the outcomes of the program.

Caring Dads

QCDFVR staff are evaluating Caring Dads, an initiative devoted to ensuring the safety and well-being of children through working with fathers who have abused and neglected their children or exposed them to the abuse of their mothers.

Practice Paper Review

To align with contemporary evidence and trends a review and update of the Domestic and family violence and its relationship to child protection: Practice Paper (Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services) was undertaken.