Every day, all around Queensland and beyond, individuals and families are affected by violence inflicted by someone close to them. Women and children, in particular, suffer the consequences of domestic, family and sexual violence. Yet, ultimately this violence impacts on all of us, in communities, workplaces and other settings. If we can better understand this violence through research, and better respond to this violence through education, QCDFVR hopes to contribute to a safer society for all.

The relationship between gambling and domestic violence against women

CQUniversity is conducting a study into the relationship between gambling and domestic violence (DV) against women – including physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse. It aims to improve DV support and gambling help services for women.  This study is underway and interviews have been conducted with:

  • Women affected by DV linked to their own or a male partner’s gambling, or who use gambling venues as a “safe space” to escape from
  • Women affected by financial abuse linked to a male partner’s
  • Men who have engaged in a behaviour change program for controlling or violent behaviours towards a female partner, and where gambling was an issue for either of them.

The study is funded by Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS). Ethics approval numbers: CQUniversity (0000020852), Relationships Australia NSW (111217_4), and UnitingCare Queensland (approval no. 22618).

Talking Families: Evaluation

Queensland Family and Child Commission’s Talking Families is a community education campaign to support kids, families and communities to find the right information at the right time to help reduce the pressures on families. Talking Families also aims to demystify the child and family support sector.

Integrated Service Response Trial Site Evaluation

From July 2016, an 18 month evaluation of the three Integrated Service Response Trial sites in Queensland is being undertaken, with the first Developmental Report being delivered regarding the first stage (6 months) of the trial evaluating the co-design aspects undertaken at each site.

Program Review: Walking with Dads

Walking with Fathers is a domestic-violence informed approach to child protection work, implemented in Gympie and Mount Isa after a successful trial at Caboolture. This review is funded by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

Caring Dads

QCDFVR staff are evaluating Caring Dads, an initiative devoted to ensuring the safety and well-being of children through working with fathers who have abused and neglected their children or exposed them to the abuse of their mothers.