FREE Webinar, Reproductive health impacts of domestic violence: a health care practitioner’s role in supporting women’s reproductive autonomy, presented by Liz Price

When: Friday 28th June, 2019 12-1pm

Where: Via Zoom Webinar

Experienced Social Worker Liz Price, will discuss the the sexual and reproductive health impacts of domestic and family violence.

Specifically, the presentation will:

  • Describe the patterns and prevalence of unplanned pregnancy and abortion in those effected by domestic violence
  • Explain reproductive coercion as a perpetrator practice, and its role in the over representation of those effected by domestic violence presenting with unplanned pregnancy and abortion
  • Describe a health care practitioner’s role in screening and responding to the needs of people subjected to reproductive coercion with a specific focus on contraceptive counselling and abortion access
  • Identify practitioner resources

Presenter BIO:

Liz Price is a Social Worker who has worked in a wide range of coal face settings over the last 30 years including roles with a focus on domestic violence. She has spent 8 of these years with Children by Choice, mostly in the counselling team. She has a keen interest in the intersection between domestic violence and sexual and reproductive health, and a tenacious commitment to highlighting the injustice of reproductive coercion. She is committed to enhancing the capacity of medical practitioners to identify and respond to the needs of women experiencing reproductive coercion.

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