The Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Prevention Forum (QIFVP) is an event dedicated to celebrating the work done by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in preventing and responding to family violence. It is an opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers to come together and learn from, share with and inspire each other.

The QIFVP Forum highlights strategies and programs that could be used effectively by others, with discussions that relate to working with men, women and children who are either victims, or perpetrators, of domestic and family violence. The theme for the Forum 2020 is ‘Growing Stronger’,  it is being held on the 13 & 14 May 2020.


Day 1: Wednesday 13 May 2020

Day 2: Thursday 14 May 2020


Royal on the Park, Brisbane

To see presentations and photos from the QIFVP Forum 2019- Standing Strong click here 

Artwork by: Les Stewart

Logo meaning:

Starting from the bottom up: If you look at the bottom wave of dots – the white dots are smaller in size than those at the top.  The white is surrounded by yellow (giver of life) and the yellow is surrounded by the red dots (the blood shed through Domestic and family violence in communities).

The small white dots represent the small weakened spirits that have come through life (yellow) and is now shedding tears and blood (red) from violence in our families created by Domestic and family violence.

The Dancing Crane creates stronger blood that gives stronger life, and this creates stronger spirits. Like the bird and the design, everything becomes flowing and beautiful. It comes to a peak above with a strong flow – stronger dots over the beautiful bird showing strength. It connects all the strength and power with its wide spread wings of hope that we all have for our women, families and community.

It is also still painted on the background of darkness that can over take if we do not keep adding to the painting to block out the sad and harmful dangers that hide in the shadows.

To me this painting represents the first time I attended the Domestic Violence Conference and what it has become, since then. The bird represents the beauty of the Forum, it’s people and the attendees. The lines are the waves of change, getting stronger as we add to the discussions and services. Under the umbrella of services, we head in one direction together to bring strength and support to our communities that are now providing the safety our women, children and families deserve. Which then supports our communities to become as one and beautiful like we want.

Registration will open in Early 2020.

Registration fees:

Indigenous ticket:   $495.00 per person

Non-Indigenous ticket:   $550.00 per person

Options for payment will include via credit card and invoice only. No cash payments accepted.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Centre on (07) 4940 3320 or email