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Recognising and Responding to Intimate Partner Sexual Violence Specialist Training


This 2 day specialist training, delivered by Di Macleod (Gold Coast Centre Against Sexual Vilence Inc) and Betty Taylor (Red Rose Foundation) is aimed at increasing workers’ confidence, knowledge, skills and capacity to recognise and respond to Intimate Partner Sexual Violence.


Workers in government and community in a range of positions including: Domestic and sexual violence; court; police; legal; medical; counselling, youth work; women’s refuge; supported accommodation; child protection; men’s behaviour change; mental health; drug and alcohol and violence prevention.


  • Where: Training Room 179-181, Scarborough Street, Southport, QLD
  • When: 11th & 12th October 2017
  • Cost: $480.00 per person 
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Domestic Violence in Faith/Spiritual based Multicultural Communities



The Centre for Islamic Thought & Education, University of South Australia invites you to the Domestic Violence in Faith Based Multicultural Communities Symposium 2017.

The first one-day domestic violence symposium explores an array of issues surrounding domestic violence in faith/spiritual-based multicultural communities in the Australian context, and responses to address the needs of these communities. It provides a platform for discussion where domestic violence experts, practitioners, service providers, policy makers, faith/spiritiual-based leaders, community leaders and researchers can openly discuss how the needs of faith/spiritual communities can be addressed and what role faith/sprituality plays on domestic violence in these communities.

We invite papers and posters from a wide range of multidisciplinary themes from experts, researchers, service providers, practitioners, faith/spiritual-based leaders and community leaders in the following topic areas:

  • Faith/spiritual based perspectives on domestic violence
  • How does faith/spirituality perpetuate or protect against DV
  • Emerging research on domestic violence in the Australian faith/spiritual-based communities
  • Myths surrounding domestic violence in faith/spiritual based communities
  • The role of faith/spiritual based communities in domestic violence responses
  • Current trends in responses to domestic violence for faith/spiritual-based communities
  • Challenges faced by domestic violence service providers when responding to faith/spiritual based communities.
  • Where: Bradley Forum, City West Campus, University of South Australia, Adelaide
  • When: 8:30am, Monday 23 October 2017
  • Cost: $150.00 per person / $100 per student

Key Dates:
14 September 2017 – Deadline for abstracts submission. Early submissions welcome.
23 September 2017 – Responses to abstracts.
23 October 2017 – Symposium at The University of South Australia

For further information or to submit an abstract email Dr Nada Ibrahim:


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