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When the internet becomes a weapon in DFV – looking into the relationship between sexting, revenge porn and stalking

The internet is part of our daily lives and can be a great tool to assist victims of Domestic and Family Violence (DFV). For example, websites such as QCDFVR’s (www. noviolence.org.au) connect women, practitioners and the broader community and provide important information. However, the internet also gives perpetrators of DFV a platform to exert control over women, to threaten them and to instil a perception of omnipresence. Against this background, technology now provides a medium that enables new forms of intimate partner violence (IPV), namely cyberstalking and revenge porn, the non- consensual distribution of sexually explicit images of an intimate partner. We are just beginning to understand the wide-ranging impacts of these contemporary forms of violence on victimised women, which may reinforce victim- blaming attitudes. The purpose of this webinar is to inform about technology as an additional weapon within the context of IPV. It will assist in educating professionals and the general community on these new forms of DFV.

Dr Marika Guggisberg

QCDFVR, CQUniversity

Dr Guggisberg joined CQU in February 2017. She has an undergraduate degree (Honours) in Psychology and a Masters in Criminology. Dr Guggisberg received her PhD from The University of Western Australia for her investigation of the interrelationship between intimate partner violence victimisation, mental health impacts and health risk behaviours as a way of coping. She is known for her research on sensitive topics such as sexual victimisation of women and children in the context of family violence. She is interested in emerging forms of intimate partner violence such as the role of technology-facilitated abuse. Her longstanding interest is in research that can be translated into action in an attempt to break the intergenerational cycle of family violence.

Where:    Online

When:     10:00am – 11:00am (QLD), Tuesday 26th September 2017