We seek to understand more about domestic and family violence and sexual assault, and determine the effectiveness of strategies to make our communities safer for all. 

The Relationship between Gambling and Domestic Violence against Women

CQUniversity conducted a study into the relationship between gambling and domestic violence (DV) against women – including physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse. It aimed to improve DV support and gambling help services for women.

Participants included:

  • Women affected by DV linked to their own or a male partner’s gambling, or who use gambling venues as a “safe space” to escape from
  • Women affected by financial abuse linked to a male partner’s
  • Men who have engaged in a behaviour change program for controlling or violent behaviours towards a female partner, and where gambling was an issue for either of them.

SPONSOR: Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS)

Examining the Role of Procedural Justice

This project examined the role of different elements of procedural justice in domestic and family violence (DFV)-related court proceedings for victim engagement in civil and criminal justice proceedings and perpetrator compliance with civil and criminal justice responses and engagement in related interventions. The study aimed to capture perceptions and experiences of procedural justice by victims, perpetrators and ‘court-related’ staff. Court-related staff included magistrates, police prosecutors, and operational police officers serving respondents with a DVO, court support workers and duty lawyers.

TIMEFRAME: June 2017 – December 2018

SPONSOR: CQ University

PARTNER: Department of Justice and Attorney General

Evaluation of the Child Protection and Berry Street Joint Initiative

Initiated in 2015, the initiative was developed in recognition that a more joined up service response across family violence and child protection was necessary to support women and children affected by domestic and family violence (DFV).  The initiative included Berry Street women’s and men’s workers co-located with CP and working together as part of investigation/assessment services.

QCDFVR conducted a process and outcome evaluation in 2017 utilising a mixed methods approach. The evidence collected from practitioners and families shows the joint initiative is contributing towards many of the expected short-term outcomes for families.  More monitoring and outcome information is required to assess medium to long term outcomes.

TIMEFRAME: May 2017 – November 2017

SPONSOR: Victoria Department of Health and Human Services (Ballarat Central Highlands Area) and Berry Street

Child and Adolescent Therapeutic Group Work

This project aimed to understand the impact of a newly introduced group therapy initiative for children and youth who are or may be experiencing domestic and family violence, being trialled by the Mackay Domestic and Family Violence Resource Service and Women’s Centre.

    TIMEFRAME: June 2018 – November 2018

    SPONSOR: Mackay Domestic Violence Resource Service/Child Safety, Youth and Women

    Review of the Rockhampton Integrated Service Response

    In 2018- 2019, QCDFVR undertook a review of the effectiveness of the integrated service response being established and maintained in Rockhampton. The final report outlined several recommendations for implementation. QCDFVR is undertaking a short review to identify the progress made in response to the recommendations in the June 2019 Final Report.

      TIMEFRAME: July 2019 – February 2020

      SPONSOR: Child Safety, Youth and Women

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